Featured Job: Forensic Psychologists

2 months ago

From the July 2019 issue of the Psychologist - advertisement feature HMPPS psychologists have opportunities to pursue their professional interests within a flexible working environment. But it’s the chance to really change lives and prevent future victims that makes the career so unique. Lucy Dye is a senior forensic psychologist, working as part of a regional team across multiple establishment...


Featured Job: Elysium Psychology Graduates Academy

5 months ago

From the April 2019 issue of the Psychologist - advertisement feature Professor Nick Alderman, Clinical Director of Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation Services at Elysium Neurological Services answers our questions about the Academy. What is the Elysium Psychology Graduate Academy? A programme designed to help psychology graduates develop their CV’s, progressing towards Chartered status; the clini...


How to Find Your Calling, According to Psychology

9 months ago

By Christian Jarrett “Look. You can’t plan out your life. What you have to do is first discover your passion—what you really care about.” Barack Obama, as quoted by David Gergen (cited in Jachimowicz et al, 2018). This Saturday Nov 17 in Newcastle is the first of two BPS careers events – “perfect for anyone looking to discover where psychology can take them in their chosen career.” A second fol...


Careers in Psychology 2018

about 1 year ago

This is the perfect event for anyone looking to discover where psychology can take them in their chosen career. Psychology is a diverse and rewarding option - more than 750,000 people in the UK currently work in an area that involves psychology. This event will help you to find out more about the different career options that are available, with inspirational talks from psychologists across sev...


Open-plan offices drive down face-to-face interactions and increase use of email

about 1 year ago

By Christian Jarrett As well as their cost-saving appeal, the rationale for large open-plan offices is that they are expected to act as a crucible for human chemistry, increasing face-to-face encounters between colleagues to the benefit of creativity and collaboration. Unfortunately it’s well-established that most workers don’t like them, such is the fundamental human need for privacy and contr...


Becoming a Psychologist - Additional Careers Resources (2018 update)

over 1 year ago

Studying to be a Psychologist is a lengthy but rewarding process. The path you take will depend on what type of Psychologist you wish to be and what academic level you have reached so far. The BPS provides a number of careers resources for schools, colleges and higher educational institutions. These resources include: Video content A free careers information update newsletter Careers booklet Ca...


A Psychology degree helps graduates wherever they go on to work

almost 2 years ago

Taking a degree in Psychology equips graduates with key generic skills as well as psychological skills that make them highly employable, and those skills become more useful as an individual’s career progresses. The BPS Careers Destinations (Phase 3) Survey looked at the career progression of four cohorts of Psychology graduates from 42 university departments. The cohorts are made up of individu...


Introverts may miss leadership chances because they overestimate how stressful it will be

almost 2 years ago

​ By Christian Jarrett There are certain situations where it’s advantageous for an introvert to take charge. For instance, perhaps they are better qualified than their extroverted peers. The trouble is, most introverts tend to shy away from seizing informal leadership opportunities when they arise (psychologists call this “emergent leadership” – when someone takes charge in a team without a for...


The Hidden Costs of Working When Sick

almost 2 years ago

Mariella Miraglia and Gail Kinman review the evidence on presenteeism. Have you ever struggled into work when you felt sick enough to stay at home? If so, you are one of the 43 per cent of European workers (according to a 2012 Eurofound survey) who have engaged in presenteeism. People work while sick for several reasons, such as excessive job demands, a sense of obligation to their employers or...


People who work for non-profit organisations are happier with their jobs and life in general

almost 2 years ago

By Christian Jarrett Working for a commercial organisation, especially in a senior position, there may be more scope for bigger pay cheques, performance bonuses and a company car, but a new study in the Journal of Economic Psychology finds that British people who work for not-for-profit organisations, including charities and social enterprises (also known as the third sector), are the real winn...