Webinar: Recruiting the perfect team member: The science behind matching job applicants to job roles

09 Mar 14:00 by Richard Walters


Webinar series: Creating productive, happy and healthy workplaces - the evidence from psychology you can’t afford to ignore

Date: 18 April 2017 1:00 pm - 1:40 pm

Cost: This event is free and open to BPS members and the general public. Registration is required

We are offering a series of 5 interactive webinars at fortnightly intervals during March – May 2017.  Each webinar will be hosted by an expert psychologist and explore key issues and challenges currently facing businesses and organisations.

The webinars will be designed to be accessible to a diverse audience, including non-psychologists, and will appeal to people with trades backgrounds, management experience, senior leaders, entrepreneurs and psychologists, as well as anyone with an interest in how to promote productive, happy and healthy workplaces.

Each webinar will also include a chat box where participants can share experiences and ideas about how evidence from psychology could inform workplace and business practices.

Recordings of the webinar presentations will be made available online.


This session will introduce basic concepts and tools that any employer of any size can use to more effectively select job candidates.

It starts with what should be the basis of effective selection: identifying job competencies – the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics required for success in a job. Once they are known, decisions can be made about what selection methods are right for the context.

The first is likely to be a basic competency-based application form to screen candidates. Also quite common would be the structured interview, used to assess both competency and past experience or future potential.

The session will explore how to simply develop these two most basic selection tools and also provide an introduction to ability tests, personality tools, and assessment centres.

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