Becoming a Psychologist Part 5 - Additional Careers Resources

11 Jul 14:00 by Kai Theriault


The BPS provides a number of careers resources for schools, colleges, and higher educational institutions.

Our careers booklet gives you an overview of psychology careers, and provides insight into issues such as how to apply for an undergraduate degree, how to find work experience, and how to become a member of the Society.

Our youtube channel contains a number of videos putting the spotlight on the different career paths which you can pursue in psychology:

For more information you can also subscribe to our free Careers Information Update.

Directory of Voluntary Careers Speakers

The Directory of Voluntary Careers Speakers (DVCS) is a free service that puts teachers, lecturers and careers advisors in touch with Society members who are willing to visit schools and other institutions to talk about their careers in psychology and give students a better idea of what it’s like to work as a psychologist or in related fields.

To contact voluntary careers speakers please click here to search the directory.

How do I become a Voluntary Careers Speaker?

Becoming a Voluntary Careers Speaker is a great way to share your knowledge and personal experience and to help inspire the next generation. It is also a great addition to your CV.

We welcome contributions from all Chartered and Graduate Members of the Society.

If you choose to attend an event we can provide you with a selection of the Society’s careers materials and other promotional leaflets.

Once you become a Voluntary Careers Speaker your profile will be available to view on the internet by members of the public.

To join the DVCS; download and complete an application form, then return it to:

The British Psychological Society 
St Andrews House 
48 Princess Road East 

For further information about the DVCS contact the Society’s Help Desk.

For more information on becoming a Psychologist, visit -