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Why We're Here For You

At Dr Julian our purpose is to put accessible and affordable mental healthcare into the hands of everybody.

Our aim is to create the best online mental healthcare and wellbeing service in the world. We are commissioned by NHS IAPT services to provide mental health support on the NHS. We also work with corporate companies to provide mental health support for their employees.

Why shouldn’t everyone have access to counselling as soon as they need it? They should and that’s exactly what we are all about, the ability to provide support on your terms when you need it.

Dr Julian has brought together a range of highly experienced therapists/psychologists who offer psychological therapy, through on-line video sessions and instantaneous text, that you can have on your phone, tablet or computer whenever and wherever you want.

We provide a secure and caring environment where we listen and treat you as the unique individual that you are, which in turn allows you to focus fully on your health.

Our therapists are able to help with virtually all mental health issues including many complex issues in which some of our therapists specialize.