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Our Philosophy

Family Care is a family-owned, values-led organisation working therapeutically with children and young people for over 30 years. At the foundation of our work is a set of shared values, a sense of purpose and pride and a loyalty that keeps us together in hard times.

Our work is based on all staff and foster carers delivering therapeutically informed care. What does this mean? It means we believe that children recovering from trauma need more than a one hour session with a therapist every week. By having all our foster carers and staff working therapeutically with young people, we are providing 24/7 therapeutically informed care.

To achieve this, our therapy team train our staff and foster carers to work within the Secure Base therapeutic framework. Our therapists work alongside us to promote the benefits of therapeutic practice and ensure foster carers and staff are confident using these approaches.

The ‘Social Care Institute of Excellence’ believes that; “Clearly defined therapeutic approaches enable staff to “have a better understanding of how young people’s experiences affect them, considering their emotional needs and fostering resilience”.  At Family Care we work to this principle, after all foster care, SEN, and residential care are complex activities that require rehabilitative and therapeutic approaches and skills.  It is for this reason that all of our services are supported by qualified therapists, who provide regular consultations to our carers and staff teams.