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At Magna House the clinical model has been developed taking into consideration the taking into consideration best practice guidance issued by NICE.

Each individual will have a bespoke package of care based on an individual co-produced formulation of need, with members of the multidisciplinary team working hand in hand to support the individual with accessing the community, building skills and learning to live safely outside of care.  Highly trained staff will use their skill and experience to support risk management, skills development and independence within the context of living as a member of a community.

The clinical model is based upon principles of recovery.
The key features of this include:

  • Being person centred, encouraging and enabling the patient to take an active part in their recovery. 
  • Being needs led, basing the care on each individual’s need.
  • Focussing on recovery and promoting independence. 
  • Empowering the patient by providing the facilities needed for them to continue to develop their daily living skills and repllicate the activities that they would be doing at home, such as cooking, shopping, budgeting and laundry. 
  • Providing therapeutic interventions such as psychological therapies and occupational therapy focussed on an individual’s recovery in order to support them to maintain and develop daily living skills and confidence for when they move on to more independent living. 
  • Being discharge oriented, working closely with the patient and their external network to identify future plans and provide a seamless link between in-patient care and life outside of the hospital. 
  • Community access and integration, including working towards vocational opportunities.