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In the 27 years we have been operating, we have helped transform the lives of thousands of women and their children.


We want the very best for the women and children we support. We want to see them achieve the best possible future. A future that is fulfilling.


We will never stop fighting for the rights of women and children. We will work tirelessly to ensure that women and children get the best possible opportunity to have a better life.


We hold ourselves to high standards in our practice. As staff, students and volunteers we will conduct ourselves with professionalism at all times and promote by our behaviours the values of Trevi.


We offer compassionate care that is person centred. We do not judge women.


We will stand up against injustice. We will have the courage to make difficult decisions. We will put the children at the heart of our decisions.


We will work alongside women and their children. We will work in partnership with stakeholders and the community. We value coproduction and will try to ensure that the people who use our services are involved in the design.