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The Risk Management Authority (RMA) is a Non-Departmental Public Body which focuses on protecting  the public from the risk of serious harm posed by violent and sexual offending. The RMA are seeking  experienced, confident risk assessors from psychology and psychiatry disciplines to become Accredited  Risk Assessors. 

This is a rare opportunity to take up an interesting and challenging role in contributing to robust and  defensible decision making in Scotland’s criminal justice system. A specialism and extensive experience  in forensic services is essential. Qualified individuals will be accredited by the RMA to complete complex  risk assessments for the High Court in relation to the Order for Lifelong Restriction sentence. Assessors  are required to provide the court with a high quality assessment which clearly outlines conclusions  and recommendations relating to risk presented by the individual. This report should be provided in a  timely manner in line with timescales outlined by the court. Completion of the assessment will require  a collateral file review, interviews with the subject of the report, professionals and relevant others and  development of a clear and accessible report. The assessor may also be required to attend court as a  professional witness. 

This challenging role requires a relevant professional qualification, such as: Registered Forensic  Psychologist and/or Chartered Psychologist; Clinical Forensic Psychologist, or Psychiatrist with forensic  specialty. Accredited Assessors must be UK based and have the ability to travel. Successful candidates  must be able to demonstrate a consistently high standard of written communication, and extensive  knowledge of current professional literature and research regarding the assessment, treatment and  management of sexual and violent offenders.  
Full details of Accredited Assessor Criteria and Competencies can be found in the Information for  Applicants section of our website, 

Accredited Assessors are not employed by the RMA, they are accredited by the RMA and engaged and  remunerated by the court. When acting on behalf of the court, assessors are reimbursted in line with  expert witness rates for their time and travel spent compiling a Risk Assessment Report. This is currently  set at £100 per hour. Travelling and accommodation expenses may be claimed, subject to agreed rates. 

To arrange a confidential discussion about the role or any process queries please contact our office on  0141 278 4478 or via email to  

The Information for Applicants pack is available on our website. Alternatively, you can request a pack by  contacting our office on 0141 278 4478 or via email to  

Applicants must complete an eligibility questionnaire to proceed to application. The questionnaire will be  available between 8 October 2021 - 7 January 2022.  
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