People Advisory Specialist

Job Title: People Advisory Specialist
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: London
Salary: £25,000 - £29,500
Reference: APS_01
Contact Name: Julie Newbon
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Job Published: February 27, 2019 11:34

Job Description

Job description: People Advisory Specialist

About Amaechi Performance Systems

APS is a strategic advisory firm that specialises in organisational psychology. We work with diverse array of large domestic and multinational clients to solve workplace challenges – leadership internal communications, teaming, culture, inclusion and more – that impact organisational performance. We foster organisational change using evidence-led methodology to solve intractable people problems.

APS is a dedicated and cross-disciplinary team of experts from different branches of psychology, education and business, who deliver interventions to our clients that are based on the best critical thinking and current psychological and organisational research. 

APS was founded by John Amaechi OBE in 2007. We work in the UK, Europe and across the United States. We have offices in London and Manchester and our advisory team is based in London.

What would your typical day look like?

As a People Advisory Specialist, some of your days will consist of working alongside our senior specialists, playing an active role in our client-facing services. You will support senior specialists onsite with workshop preparation, some elements of delivery including moderating breakout meetings as well as a vital note-taking responsibility to capture both unique client responses and in-the-moment feedback, as well as other specialist’s answers to novel client questions or scenarios.

You will learn how to construct and use our online interactive presentation software for bespoke client sessions and be expected to learn how to deliver our standardised workshop courses.

You will also be required to do due diligence on, and on behalf of clients – including researching personnel and organisations as well as using our OpenAthens research account, alongside other resources to find appropriate explanatory research and insights to drive solutions.

You will be a vital part of our client CRM process at every stage, from initial meetings to hear the challenges our clients face, to collaborating to devise solutions and create briefing documents and proposals, collate content for interventions, delivering services to our clients and particularly, debriefing senior specialists and combining their observations with your own in order to prepare summary documents with our insights, findings and next steps for clients. 

A typical day could involve any one, or a combination of services. At times, you will deliver services with another member of the APS team, with the goal that, following induction and shadowing you will be able to lead facilitation and contribute in our internal client roundtable discussions.

Understanding the implications of new research is a big part of what we do at APS, so keeping up to date on the latest academic studies on behavioural psychology and other social science findings will be part of your role, in order to ensure that the services we provide to our clients remain best-in-class.

Depending on their qualifications, People Advisory Specialist’s may become part of our coaching cohort delivering coaching for individual clients and as part of larger corporate interventions.

What are the opportunities in this role?

APS works primarily with FTSE 250 multinational and some interesting ‘scale-up’ organisations. This role would provide opportunities to engage with some of the world’s largest companies and brand names to identify the challenges that are impacting their performance. Our growth will allow us to expand our services to smaller organisations, which is vital to our continued success. 

We operate in an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ capacity, meaning that each of us stays connected to the work being performed by all, and contributions are welcome and expected. Collaboration will remain a key element of how we operate as we continue to grow, and your input will be sought after. 

Everyone at APS is expected to want to evolve in terms of professional development and role scope. We have reserved CPD days to allow colleagues to learn and grow and there is scope for swift growth to a senior specialist and beyond.

Our future will consist of hiring additional advisors at a junior level, including paid interns who will require mentoring and support with their development. There will be a call for you to provide that leadership to them, and to help them become familiar with our services, and our methodology. 

There are real opportunities for growth from this role to the more senior in the business in the short and medium-term.

Job Purpose: 
To support a number of different projects, working in varied teams across various clients and sectors from proposal preparation through to design, data collection, data analysis, delivery and writing of final reports.
To learn to deliver unique APS methodologies and training programs.
To deliver client projects on time and exceed our client’s high expectations.

Key tasks and responsibilities:

  • Become familiar with the services offered by APS, and the common challenges faced in workplaces, and the solutions we provide 
  • Attend initial client relationship development meetings to gather information about client challenges, exude credibility and be able to authentically direct the client to ways APS can help (or alternative partner organisations if we are not the best to help)
  • Accompany other members of the APS team to meetings for comprehensive note-taking encompassing the narrative flow of the conversation.  Reading between the lines - beyond simply noting action-points and next steps - will be vital.
  • Collaborate with other members of the APS team to craft solutions to client needs and create proposals containing a statement of work, objectives and descriptions of how they will be met.
  • Review client documentation and materials provided during the diligence process and distil to key components in a timely fashion
  • Deliver APS services to clients to solve a variety of workplace challenges including workshop delivery and cognitive interviews
  • Prepare and deliver detailed insight papers and debriefing documents to clients following service delivery
  • Write blog posts on topics around personnel, L&D, OD, organisational psychology, coaching, etc.
  • Create case studies from client interventions



Advanced qualification (Masters) in social sciences areas including: organisational, behavioural, forensic, sport or other psychology; sociology or other.

Knowledge and Experience

We know that people applying for this role may have little experience outside of that gained in their training, we are looking for intelligent, engaged and scientifically-literate individuals who are ready and willing to learn on the job. Any additional experience in the following areas would be useful:

  • Experience moderating workshops and speaking with stakeholders
  • Experience conducting client interviews
  • Experience with data analysis tools

However, maintaining up-to-date insights from research associated with individual and occupational performance is essential and of course, the ability to use Microsoft Office suite is essential

Core competencies:

  • Highly organised
  • Attention to detail
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skill
  • Scientifically and strategically minded
  • Can craft well-informed insights from observation and evidence
  • Self-motivated
  • Plays well with others


We are a small, but fierce organisation that is on a rapid growth trajectory. Personal development is a core element of our client work, and our own internal mantra. When not in situ with clients, our working environment is relaxed and casual. Remote working is standard, but office time is important to allow our teams to gel. Office and telecommunications equipment provided to perform the role.

We offer an employee pension and 25 days of holiday, plus Bank Holidays per year.

All APS employees sign the EU working time directive exception.

To Apply:

Please send your CV to