Principal Counselling Psychologist

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Location Greater Manchester Job Type Full-time
Salary Sector Clinical

Principal Counselling Psychologist
Clinical Services Manager
Permanent Contract
Band 8b
Nestlings Care Leigh

The post-holder will provide counselling psychological assessment and therapy interventions to children and young people with severe and enduring mental health disorders including but not exclusively C&YP with complex trauma, learning disabilities and LD-autism.

The post-holder will work within and contribute to further development of the therapeutic service model and take a lead for psychological therapies across Nestling Care homes.

The post-holder will provide specialist support, guidance and consultation on clients’ psychological care to non-psychologist colleagues and to other, non-professional carers.

The post-holder will work closely within a multi-disciplinary team.

The post-holder will work autonomously within professional guidelines and the overall framework of the service policies and procedures. The post-holder will utilise research skills for audit, teaching, policy and service development.


  1. To provide highly complex specialist psychological assessments of children, young people/young adults living in Nestlings Care homes, undertaking the appropriate use, interpretation and integration of complex data from a variety of sources including psychological and neuropsychological tests, self-report measures, rating scales, direct and indirect observations and semi-structured interviews with young people/adults, family members and others involved in the C&YP’s care.

  2. To formulate and implement treatment plans for psychological therapy and/or management of the young person’s mental health based upon a comprehensive conceptualisation of the presenting difficulties, employing methods based upon evidence of efficacy whilst maintaining a flexible approach in considering what will best meet the individual’s needs. The post holder will work across Nestlings Care home sites.

  3. To be responsible for implementing a range of psychological interventions for children, young people and their families/carers and groups, within and across teams in Nestlings Care homes and in synthesis, modifying and refining psychological formulations in light of new information drawing upon a range of explanatory theoretical backgrounds/models and upholding a number of provisional hypotheses.

  4. To evaluate and make decisions about therapy interventions options taking into account both theoretical models and highly complex factors concerning historical and developmental processes that have affected the young person, family or group.

  5. To manage own caseload, exercising autonomous professional responsibility for the assessment and treatment and discharge from psychology of C&YP whose difficulties are managed within a psychological framework; regular communication with staff teams and others involved in the child/young person’s care.

  6. To provide highly specialist psychological advice, guidance and consultation to other professionals contributing directly to the young people, family and carer’s formulations, diagnosis and therapy intervention plans.

  7. To contribute directly and indirectly to a trauma-informed psychologically based framework of understanding and care to the benefit of all C&YP within the service, across all settings and agencies providing services to young people and their families.

  8. To undertake initial psychology risk assessments for young people and to provide advice and guidance to other professions on psychological aspects of risk assessment and risk management. To develop risk formulations and ensure these are shared with appropriate professionals.

  9. To communicate in a highly skilled and sensitive manner both orally and in writing, information concerning the assessment, formulation and treatment plans of young people and families under their care and to monitor progress during the course of multi-disciplinary care.

  10. To demonstrate awareness of potential communication difficulties and/or cultural considerations and, where appropriate, adapt professional practice accordingly, involving identification of, and effective liaison with, appropriate support services (e.g. advocacy, family support, translators).


  1. In common with all counselling psychologists, to receive regular clinical supervision, in accordance with good practice guidelines, from a senior counselling psychologist and, where appropriate, other senior professional colleagues.

  2. To continue to gain wider post-qualification experience of counselling psychology over and above that provided within the principal service area where the post holder is employed e.g. Certificate/Post Graduate Diploma level training in Compassion Focused Therapy; DBT; Dynamic Dyadic Psychotherapy and/or Systemic Practice.

  3. To develop skills in the area of professional post-graduate teaching, training and supervision and to provide supervision to other staff (psychologists and non-psychologists) as appropriate.

  4. To offer independent clinical supervision to trainee Counselling/Clinical Psychologists and Assistant Psychologists with the agreement of line manager.

  5. To contribute to the pre-and post-qualification teaching of counselling psychology.

  6. To use multi-media materials to deliver presentations within public, professional and academic settings.

  7. To provide advice, consultation and training to staff working with young people and their families across a range of settings, where appropriate. Including dissemination of research findings at local and national level.

  8. To continue developing specialised clinical competencies through attendance at relevant post qualification training and at regional networks (e.g. SIG).


  1. To contribute to the development, evaluation and monitoring of the teams operational policies and services, through the deployment of professional skills in research, service evaluation and audit.

  2. To advise both service and professional management on those aspects of the service where psychological and/or organisational matters need addressing.

  3. To contribute to the management of the workloads of assistant psychologists, within the framework of the team/service’s policies and procedures.

  4. To be involved, as appropriate, in the short listing and interviewing of assistant/graduate psychologists and Art Psychotherapists.


  1. To utilise theory, literature and research to support evidence-based practice in individual work and in work with other team members.

  2. To contribute to audit and service evaluation initiatives relevant to service provision developments.

  3. To record clinical observations and information relevant to clients in accordance with service policy, ensuring accurate documentation of clinical activity and outcomes.

  4. Take an active role, and/or lead on any research programmes that Nestlings Care are involved in or may become involved with as appropriate to the post holder’s knowledge base.

  5. Provide advice and support to colleagues undertaking research/audit including research supervision.


  1. To ensure the development and maintenance of the highest professional standards of practice, through active participation in the internal and external CPD training and development programmes, in consultation with Line Manager.

  2. To ensure the development and articulation of best practice in counselling psychology and adhere to the professional code of practice as drawn up by the Division of Counselling Psychology of the British Psychological Society and adhere to Nestlings Care service policies and procedures.

  3. To exercise the skills of reflexive and reflective scientist practitioner, taking part in regular professional supervision and appraisal and maintaining an active engagement with current developments in the field of counselling psychology and related disciplines.

  4. To maintain the highest standards of clinical record keeping including electronic data entry and recording, report writing and the responsible exercise of professional self-governance in accordance with professional codes of practice of the British Psychological Society and HCPC.

  5. To maintain up to date knowledge of legislation, national and local policies and issues in relation to the client group and mental health.


  1. To maintain registration with the Health Professions Council as a Counselling Psychologist.

  2. To work within defined clinical areas, travelling as required to provide, necessitating the means to transport yourself to other locations.

To be noted:

It is likely that the post will evolve over time. These duties will be subject to regular appraisal and any amendments will be made in consultation and agreement with the post holder.

To maintain confidentiality at all times in accordance with the agreed policy.

To comply with Nestlings Care Equal Opportunities Policy

To follow health and safety guidelines carefully and alert your manager immediately of any concerns relating to health and safety issues.

It is the responsibility of all staff to read and work to the company safeguarding policy, to complete the Safeguarding training commensurate with their job role, and to report any genuine concerns to the designated safeguarding officer/lead on site, or a senior member of staff.

The tasks and responsibilities shown above are not exhaustive and should be regarded only as a guide.  The post-holder will be expected to undertake any reasonable activities that fall within the remit of counselling psychologist duties according to the needs of the business at the time.  These will be subject to periodic review and may be amended to meet the changing needs of the business and the interests and skills of the post-holder.  The post-holder will be expected to participate in this process, and the company would aim to reach agreement to any changes.