Senior Clinical Psychologist/ Clinical Neuropsychologist

Job Title: Senior Clinical Psychologist/ Clinical Neuropsychologist
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Dún Laoghaire
Salary: Competitive
Job Published: March 28, 2018 16:13

Job Description

Overview: The post of Senior Clinical Psychologist at the Department of Psychology at NRH offers the candidate the opportunity to deliver the best psychological theory and practice applied to neurorehabilitation with a team of clinical specialists to in-patient and out-patient services.
It is expected that the successful candidate will make a substantial contribution to the clinical services, teaching and research at NRH.
Job title: Senior Clinical Psychologist or Clinical Neuropsychologist
Reporting relationship: Head of Department of Psychology NRH.
Interview Date: 20th April 2018.
Closing date for applications: Sunday 15th April 2018.
Application is by Curriculum Vitae to Mr. Shane Long, Human Resources, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Rochestown Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.
Contact: (01) 23555215 or 
Informal enquiries to:
1. Simone Carton, Head of Department of Psychology via (01-235 5201) or email or 
2. Suvi Dockree Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist via (01-235 5202)  or email to
*This position can be designated as Clinical Psychologist or Clinical Neuropsychologist depending on the qualifications and or experience of the successful candidate.  In the remainder of this document the words Clinical Psychologist will be used.
Duties and Responsibilities 
The post holder will be responsible for undertaking the following:
Clinical duties and responsibilities:
The delivery of Clinical Psychology services to the Brain Injury Programme (BIP) and Polar, Orthotic, Limb Loss/amputee Rehabilitation Programme (POLAR).  The post-holder can be re-deployed to other clinical services at NRH as determined by the Head of Department of Psychology depending on clinical and service needs.  
Undertaking clinical duties including psychological evaluation and assessment, psychotherapy, clinical and psychoeducational interventions with patients, their carer’s, health care professionals and or health care agencies.  
Providing psychological assessments based upon the appropriate use, interpretation and integration of data from a variety of sources including clinical interview, psychological and neuropsychological tests, self-report measures, direct and indirect observation and collateral information from family, carers, clinical personnel staff and other persons as appropriate.
Contributing psychological perspective and formulations to patient care and implement plans for psychological interventions and or management based on the appropriate conceptual framework.
Maintaining autonomous professional responsibility for the assessment, treatment and or management of patients attending psychology services at NRH.
Maintaining records of clinical work and provide clinical reports as required in a timely fashion and in accordance with professional and organisational standards.  
To acquire and develop the necessary clinical knowledge and skills incorporating international best practice in order to maintain the highest professional and clinical standards.
Providing a psychological service for all patients accepted to the service with timely completion of case notes, reports and all matters pertaining to a complete psychology service.
To communicate effectively and work in co-operation with colleagues in order to ensure integrated care and service provision.
To liaise and ensure timely communication with other clinicians, professionals and health-care agencies in order to ensure the best care for the patient.
Be informed of advances in professional knowledge and practice.
Be informed of developments in national policies, strategies and legislation and perceived impact on service.
Demonstrate sufficient clinical knowledge and evidence based practice to carry out duties and responsibilities of this role.
Demonstrate the ability to plan and deliver care in an effective an resourceful manner within a model of person-centred care.
Demonstrate effective leadership and team skills with a proven ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
Demonstrate an ability to manage and develop self and others in a busy working environment.
Demonstrate the ability to effectively evaluate information and make appropriate decisions.
Demonstrate a commitment to assuring high standards and strive for a user-centred service.
Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills including the ability to collaborate with colleagues, families, carers etc.
Demonstrate effective communication skills (written and verbal) required to undertake the duties and responsibilities of the post.
Display awareness and appreciation of the services users and the ability to empathise with and treat others with dignity and respect.
Demonstrate an awareness of ethical issues that may impact on clinical and professional practice.
Demonstrate flexibility and openness to change.
To complete all clinical activity and provide information as required by the Head of Department or nominee for the purpose of service monitoring, evaluation and planning.
Research & Education duties and responsibilities:
Demonstrate knowledge and experience of research methods and competence in undertaking clinical research.
To contribute to the research, audit, evaluation undertaken at the Department of Psychology.
To conduct, support and publish service related research in recognised journals and at academic/clinical conferences as appropriate.
To use evidence-based literature and research to support effective practice and or service development.
To attend internal and external training and education relevant to clinical and professional practice and service development.
To contribute to the teaching and training activities of the Psychology Department including in-service academic events and post-graduate programmes as appropriate.
Offer clinical placements and education for post-graduate psychologists undertaking research and Psychologists in Clinical Training from recognised University based Post-graduate Clinical Training Programmes.  
Professional practice duties and responsibilities:
Contribute to the development, planning, organisation, and evaluation of psychology services and practice at NRH.
Participate in continuing professional development and ensure compliance with statutory development planning.
Take responsibility for ensuring that clinical and professional supervision needs and requirements are met.
Provide clinical supervision to Staff Grade Clinical Psychologists and Psychology Assistants.
Act as a representative of the Psychology Department as requested. 
Represent and advocate for the psychological needs of health care service users.
Contribute to the induction of new staff as appropriate.
Attend mandatory training at the NRH.
Service & Policy Development duties and responsibilities:
Contribute to the development of psychological services at NRH.  
Contribute to NRH policies and service developments.
Contribute to national, health care, educational and research agencies.  
Management duties and responsibilities:
Manage and co-ordinate service delivery in the area of responsibility.
Assign duties and responsibilities as appropriate to ensure effective service delivery.
Ensure the maintenance of appropriate service user records and statistics in accordance with standards of best practice governing psychologists, hospital guidelines and statutory legislation such as Freedom of Information Act, Data Protections Acts and other relevant legislation.
Contribute to the development and implementation of information sharing protocols, audit systems, referral pathways and integrated care arrangements.
Maintain professional standards with regard to patient and data confidentiality.
Demonstrate the ability to plan and deliver care in an effective and resourceful manner within a model of person-centred care.
Provide line management supervision to assigned staff.
General Responsibilities
Promote a culture that values equality, diversity and respect in the workplace.
Ensure that a safe environment is maintained for staff and visitors in compliance with Health and Safety requirements and best practice.
Be responsible for the day to day security of the work area, with particular awareness of fire regulations and security arrangements.
Keeping up to date with all relevant mandatory training.
This job description is not intended to be a complete list of all duties required for the post and consequently, the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to her/him from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post while in office.  This document must be regarded as an outline of the major areas of accountability at the present time, which will be reviewed and assessed on an on-going basis.
The candidate must, on the latest date for receiving completed application forms for the office, possess:
1. A recognised University Degree or Diploma obtained with first or second class honours in which Psychology was taken as a major subject and honours obtained in that subject
2. A recognised postgraduate professional psychological qualification appropriate to the area of professional psychology in which the position is designated.
3. Minimum of five years satisfactory postgraduate experience in the area of professional psychology in which the position is designated.
The five years’ experience must be comprised of no more than three years of postgraduate training and no less than two years (Whole Time Equivalent) experience as a Staff Grade Psychologist.
4. Possess the requisite knowledge and ability, including a high standard of suitability and management ability for the proper discharge of the duties of the office.
5. Demonstrate evidence of leadership initiatives and management.
6. Demonstrate experience of direct line management of staff, including clinical, performance and operational management. 
7. Proven experience of leadership.
8. Research acumen and experience of using a range of research methodologies.
9. Demonstrate experience of service development 
10. Understanding of formal quality management systems.
1. Post-graduate training and or qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology.
2. Post graduate training in Management.
3. Experience of working with patients with acquired neurological diagnosis.
4. Have post training experience of working in a hospital environment.
5. Training in Clinical supervision and or experience of providing same.
Candidates or any person holding the office must be free from any medical condition which would render them unsuitable to hold the office and be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.
For the purposes of satisfying the requirements as to health, it will be necessary for each successful candidate before he/she is appointed to undergo a medical examination by a qualified medical practitioner to be nominated by the Chief Executive or designated officer.  Any irregularities reported as a result of this examination which render the incumbent unsuitable for the post must be remedied / addressed before appointment.   
Candidates for and any person holding the office must be of good character.
Particulars of Office
This appointment is permanent. 
Remuneration is in accordance with the salary scale approved by the Department of Health and Children.
The terms of the Voluntary Hospitals Superannuation Scheme and Voluntary Hospitals Spouses and Children’s Scheme will apply to this position.  Contributions are at the rates of 5% and 1.5% of gross annual remuneration respectively, by deduction from salary.
Hours of Work
Normal working hours are 37 hours worked over 5 days Monday - Friday but the Appointee will attend at such other times as are required for the proper discharge of the duties of the office.  
The Appointee will be appointed initially for a probationary period of 12 months.  During the probationary period, progress or otherwise will be monitored and at the end of the period, the service will be:
a) Certified as satisfactory and this will be confirmed in writing;
b) In certain circumstances the probationary period may be extended and in this event you will be advised about this and the duration of the extension in writing.
No age restrictions shall apply to the Appointee except where he/she is not classified as a new entrant (within the meaning of the Public Service Superannuation (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2004.  In this case the Appointee must be under 65 years of age on the 1st day of the month in which the latest date for receiving completed application forms for the office occur.  Continued employment is conditional upon the capacity and conduct of the Appointee.  
Annual leave
The annual leave entitlement for this post is 30.5 working days per year.
Sick Leave
Payment of salary during illness will be in accordance with arrangements as approved by the Department of Health and Children.
Termination of office
The employment may be terminated at any time by two months notice on either side except where circumstances are dictated by the Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Act 1973/77.  The Management’s right under this paragraph shall not be exercised save in circumstances where the Management is of the opinion that the holder of the office has failed to perform satisfactorily the duties of the post or has misconducted himself/herself in relation to the post or is otherwise unfit to hold the appointment.
Garda Vetting Checks
Arrangements have been introduced, on a national level, for the provision of Garda Vetting Checks in respect of candidates for employment in areas of the Health Service, where it is envisaged that potential employees would have substantial access to children or vulnerable adults in the course of their duties.  Garda vetting is done for the protection of these groups and the National Rehabilitation Hospital reserves the right to re-vet employees at any future point, as deemed appropriate by Hospital Management.
In the course of your employment you may have access to or hear information concerning the medical or personal affairs of patients and/or staff, or other health services business.  Such records and information are strictly confidential and unless acting on the instructions of an authorised officer, on no account must information concerning staff, patients or other health service business be divulged or discussed except in the performance of normal duty.  In addition records must never be left in such a manner that unauthorised person can obtain access to them and must be kept in safe custody when no longer required.
Dr. Simone Carton 
Head of Dept. Psychology NRH
March 2018